Danish GAAR

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The Danish government issued a draft bill on 25 January 2015 to introduce a general anti-avoidance rule (GAAR)

Introduction of GAAR in the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive

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On 9 December 2014, the EU Council approved an amendment in the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive so as to introduce a general anti-abuse clause (“GAAR”). Member States must implement the amendment into their domestic legislation by the end of 2015. Once this GAAR comes into effect, a holding company should have real substance in order to be able to enjoy the … Read More

Poland – GAAR draft legislation issued

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On 17 July the Polish government released draft legislation that, if enacted, would introduce a GAAR (General Anti-Avoidance Rule) into Polish tax law from 1 January 2016. Under the proposals, the tax authorities would have to prove that the principle purpose of an ‘artificial legal structure’ was tax avoidance and that, as a result, the taxpayer received a substantial tax benefit. In … Read More